Pop!_OS 22.04 | Window Lag Dragging/Moving


Recently, I decided to reinstall my OS (Pop!_OS) and post installation, I noticed the when dragging/moving windows around that they would all but freeze or the window movement would be choppy and/or not animated in any way. After some research, I was able to resolve the issue with the following two changes to my system. Not sure if this only applies to users with NVIDIA graphics cards, but that is my situation and this worked for me. Mileage may vary.

First, you have to make a change to your global environments file:

# Edit /etc/environments and add the following two lines:
jason@apollo:~$ sudo vi /etc/environments


Next, Open NVIDIA X-Server Settings and change the following values:
OpenGL Settings:
Sync to VBLank – Uncheck
Allow Flipping – Uncheck

Once I made the changes above to my configuration, the issue was all but gone. There is still some choppiness to moving windows around, but it is VERY minimal. The issue also seems to impact flatpak applications more than those installed with the package manager, but I was not able to make a clear connection with this. Either way, I am happy with the performance of my machine and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was fixed organically with patches to Pop!_OS over time.

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